Advanced Silver (FIG 2) Coach Leadership Scholarships

The Advanced Silver (FIG 2) Coach Leadership Scholarships are available to coaches who demonstrate strong leadership attributes and community-based involvement.

 A successful applicant will demonstrate…

  1. Ability to Deliver Results. Can you demonstrate how you have delivered results from a position of leadership - whether by organizing, mobilizing or inspiring others? Can you show evidence that you initiated something and carried it through to an outcome? Are you likely to attain a position of influence in your field of expertise/Gymsport?
  2. Strength of Purpose. Can you demonstrate courage of conviction, persistence, and determination in the pursuit of your goals?
  3. Self -Awareness. Is there evidence of a strong desire to contribute to the gymnastics community? Are you aware of your role in particular activities and your impact on other people?


This scholarship is available to coaches residing in South Australia and commencing any Gymsport Advanced Silver (FIG 2) Coach Accreditation, who demonstrate strong leadership attributes and outstanding community-based engagement. Selection for this scholarship will be based on the coach’s demonstration of leadership qualities and a recommendation from a Club Manager or Club Member with equal authority.

In order for the applicant to be eligible for this scholarship, he/she must fulfil the following criteria…

  1. Competency acquired for Advanced Qualification
  2. Candidate must be over the age of 18 years
  3. Candidate must display community involvement from 2019 until present
  4. Participation as either candidate or presenter in 2 congress events over 2019 and 2020 period
  5. Candidate must have current Gymnastics Australia Technical membership up to date
  6. Must have a current WWCC and display appropriate practises to providing a positive and child safe environment.
  7. Must not have had any disciplinary measures against them.


Gymnastics SA has 4 Scholarships to allocate in total.


Scholarships will provide $2000 towards accreditation tuition fees.


Available for a 12-month period. (Candidate must complete all requirements of qualification within 12-month period, unless course not offered by GA within this time frame)
Assistance and monitoring of Recipient progress will be provided by the GSA Education Team.

Closing Date

Friday, 4 June 2021


Apply online prior to closing date.

Applications cannot be submitted after closing date.
Applicants will be assessed on the quality of their application.
For an applicant to be considered, all of the following documents must be submitted…

  1. Online application form – Apply here
  2. Resume attached to online application. (including details of any awards received from Gymnastics Australia, Gymnastics South Australia, Associated Gymnastics Club or any other organisation).
  3. Character evaluation form to be completed and submitted by a Club Manager or Club Member with equal authority. – Complete Here

Please note that all supporting documentation must be provided in order for applicants to be considered.

Successful applicants will be notified via phone call, email and an announcement will be made on the GSA website.