TeamGym Workshop 22nd April

Beyond Gymnastics 10:30-3pm
O’Sullivans Beach Sport and Community Centre
$15 per Athlete Coaches Free!

Tumbling, MiniTramp & Floor
TeamGym is a great way to give your athletes a super fun, exciting and team spirited way to participate in gymnastics.

Gymnastics SA holds 2 events offering a positive and constructive environment for your athletes.

To register please complete the below registration form and return to

Team Gym competitions exhibit gymnastic skills in three different disciplines; Floor, Tumbling and Single Mini Tramp. It is common for the performance to demonstrate effective teamwork, good technique in elements and spectacular acrobatic skills.

Characteristics of a Team Gym competition include team spirit and a friendly atmosphere which captivates spectators, media and sponsors. 

TEAM GYM event date:    

  • TEAMGym Challenge Sunday 28th May 2017
  • 1.00pm - 5.00pm [approx.]
  • Beyond Gymnastics - Marine Drive, O'Sullivan Beach SA 5116
  • Hope to see you all there!

Entry date:                         


  • Please read the manual for all music requirements- see attached
  • Submit music by 5th May to Cameron Dicker-
  • Music format mp3 file (File name must include Team Name, Level and Apparatus).

Team Gym Manuals                  

Please find attached the:

  • TEAM GYM Handbook
  • Judging manual.
  • Routine assistant manual
  • Acro manual
  • Please find the Handbook attached on the GSA website.. It is also found below,

TEAM GYM contact:          


  • Each club is to provide at least 1 Judge per team. If no judges are supplied, there will be a $25 surcharge per team.
  • This is to help cover all the apparatus in the event. Please add names to the Officials tab on the entry form.

Judging meeting:             

  • Prior to the event, there will be a meeting to discuss the role of Judging and a general discussion about what and how to assess the participants.
  • It is probably best that as many coaches and intended judges attend to ensure smooth running of the challenge and consistent understanding of the scoring system.

Help at competition:                                    

  • Helpers welcome and required. There are many roles a helper can assist the committee with on the day. Door, Scoring/tech, Assessing, Music, etc.
  • Please add your volunteer helpers to the entry form and note a role. The program coordinator will also schedule the club helpers.
  • Each club will be assigned jobs at competition and will be sent out with rotations.

Entry Fee:                          

  • All day entry fee: $15.00 per family of 4; $5.00 per individual; $3.00 concession.
  • Free to registered athletes [show current membership card].


  • Please contact GSA if you are interested in running a BBQ at the next event.            

GFA Committee meetings:




Team Gym Judges Manual
(Adobe PDF File)
Team Gym Routine Assistant
(Adobe PDF File)
Team Gym Manual
(Adobe PDF File)
Team Gym ACR
(Adobe PDF File)