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Welcome to your free at home KinderGym activities 

We understand how important your child's development is and we're here to help. Just because we're in lockdown, KinderGym doesn't need to stop completely. 

Until our KinderGym locations can re-open we welcome you to join KinderGym @ Home. 

What you can expect 
- Activity cards 
- KinderGym videos (hosted on KinderGym YouTube Channel + shared on social media platforms) 
- Connection to our vibrant KinderGym community via our KinderGym Facebook and Instagram platforms

Activity Cards 

This is the Activity Card Hub, where you can find fun and exciting activities to do at home with your children. 

Every week will provide a new fundamental movement activity, for your child to learn and develop lifelong skills. 


Balance Activity Card

KinderGym @ Home Lessons 

KinderGym @ Home Lessons are run by our nationally accredited KinderGym Leaders, they include fun songs and exciting activities for your children. 

Join us for new fun lessons. 

Week 1 - Balance
Balance is essential to all movements and a foundation skill for motor development. 

Learning to balance is an important developmental skill for children aged 0-5 years. KinderGym provides a fun and safe environment with nationally accredited early childhood Leaders. So whatever developmental stage your child is at, you can rest assured that at KinderGym they are learning for life. 

Week 2 - Crawling
This week we are focusing on the sometimes-unappreciated key milestone. It’s not just essential for babies to master, but also for our little ones to keep practicing! 

Crawling is an important developmental skill for children under 5. 


  • Crawling strengthens your child’s trunk muscles.
  • Crawling helps both left and right sides of the brain work together. 
  • Crawling helps the development of your child’s visual skills. 
  • Crawling strengthens your child’s hands and builds fine motor skills.


Week 3 - Jumping 

This week is all about Jumping.

We imagine this is an activity your little ones have already been enjoying on the sofas and beds! Jumping as a skill is an incredibly important building block for their motor development and is a joyful activity that will have your kids smiling. A jump can be broken down in three parts: take-off, flight and landing. Your little one is definitely learning a lot whilst bouncing around!

When kids jump they are:

  1. Developing their fitness- Jumping is a cardiovascular exercise and gives the heart a healthy and organic workout.
  2. Building stronger muscles- When kids jump, it involves virtually all major muscle groups in the body.
  3. Improving coordination- Jumping helps kids understand their body better. Both sides of the brain and body work together to maintain balance and coordination.

Week 4 - Rolling

We are back with KinderGym @ Home and it is all about Rolling!

We all know that our little munchkins love rolling in all kinds of directions and even down hills. (hill emoji)

Not only is rolling fun, it also develops body and spatial awareness and strengthens pathways in the brain.

Rolling activities are important to develop the vestibular system which is essential for balance and motor control.

Week 5 - Hands & Fingers 

This week at KinderGym @ Home, we are concentrating on our Hands and Fingers!

Our little kiddies hands and fingers are an important developmental stage.

The more we use and engage play with hands and fingers to increase strength. Strong hands and fingers helps with strengthening their grip and tracking objects.

Week 6 - Walking

We are back with another week of KinderGym @ Home, we are walking this week!  

Learning to walk is one of the most important achievements in your child’s life. It’s a huge step towards independence. Once they are on their feet, your child will become a little explorer.

This milestone is essential to building hopping, skipping jumping and running! 

Week 7 - Spinning

We are spinning into KinderGym @ Home this week and you guessed it…We are focusing on spinning 

As well as being a super fun activity for your tiny tornado, it also helps with the development of both sides of the brain!

Structured spinning activities can be used to develop the vestibular system. Spinning can also help your child gain confidence and mastery when moving in new directions.

Week 8 - Static Balance

Another week of KinderGym @ Home. We are back to improve our static balancing 

Balance is an essential skill for fundamental movement development. The more you practice balancing, the more confident and competent your little one will get! 

Week 9 - Move to Music

We have another week of KinderGym @ Home. It is all about moving to music.

When our little ones move to music, it helps their coordination and brain development. It also assists with sound recognition and teaches rhythm and rhyme.

Week 10 - Creative Play (Car Adventure)

It’s time to go on a Grand Adventure with KinderGym @ Home.

We all know how much our little ones love to think up imaginative stories while playing. This week we are taking them on a car adventure!

Creative play is wonderful for building their imaginations and problem solving skills!

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